Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to school / End of summer sale.

Will you look at that... As of a week today summer is unofficially over. A week today all the kids will be enjoying their last night of summer before they return to school on Tuesday morning.  Like many people I stop and wunder where the time went.  It just seems like yesterday the school bell rang at 3:30 and summer began.  Occasionally at this time of year I get a little sad that summer is over but not this year. This year I have decided to jam as much fun into the last week and celebrate the end of summer...

Photo Credit: The Horton Farmers Market.

This coming weekend I will be holding a "End of Summer / Back to School Sale" photo sale at The Horton Farmers Market.  My booth will be jammed with every printed image that I have. We will have a large selection of prints and sizes ready to find a special place in your home or office.

Photo Credit: The Horton Farmers Market.

Please stop by and help us celebrate the end of summer 2015.  
The Market is open Saturday between 8am and 12 noon.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where did the Summer go ?

Will... look at that... Summer is almost over for another year and I have neglected this blog page way to long.  Instead of jumping right back in with a massive blog about what I have been doing all summer and boring you all with every little detail of my summer, I have decided to just say I have had a very busy enjoyable summer and I hope you all have had a summer the same or better then mine. 

In the weeks to come I will go into more detail about my summer and start sharing some of my new landscape photos, story's and news.  In some of the future posts will be talking about :

- photography trips
-  "lost photo project" is back on track.
- expanding my photography portfolio
- spending time with my family
- new plans for my YouTube Channel
- shooting what makes you happy
- webpage make over
- new online store
- never giving up
 © Ken Hopkins Photography 2015
Until the next blog is posted keep and eye on my FaceBook page and my YouTube channel.  I'm sure you will enjoy what I will be posting.
Till next time...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow on the Pines

I recently went for a walk in a local park on an overcast winter day with my daughter. The previous day we had received a fresh layer of puffy with snow that blanketed everything in sight and for a short time it made everything look prestige and clean.  It was one of the warmer days that we have had this winter, the sun was shining through a thin layer of cloud, just thick enough to defuse the suns rays enough to take the glare off of everything.

As I walked through the park on the unshoveled pathways, I came across a group of mature pine trees and the photo above is what I came up with.  I created several images that  day but this one is my favorite.  I enjoy creating photos like this one.  It's different than the normal landscape photos that I create.

The filtered sunlight was shining on the tree from the right.  I picked the area of the tree that I wanted to photograph, set up my camera and created this photo. The idea was to have everything in the foreground in focus and the background blurred. Since there was another pine tree not to far behind I wanted to isolate the first tree as my subject and keep the viewers attention in the foreground of the photo.

My setting for this image where very simple and standard.  I used F-8, 1/80th of a second shutter speed, ISO-100 and the focal length was 150mm.  The photo was created with my Canon 5D and my 100-200mmL F4 lens.

Grab your gear and head out to a local park and practice your skills.  You never know what you will come home with. This image was also the focus of my latest " Behind the Image " video on my YouTube channel.

Till Next Time...
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Six weeks of Project 52.

I've just finished up week six of my personal project that I am undertaking for this year.  Back at the end of Dec 2014 I decided I wanted to take on a personal project to keep my creativity moving and try out new things. 

Over the last 6 weeks I have been able to meet some new people and create some more snow portraits.  I am not a big cold weather person, but the time I have been out in the snow creating the project 52 portraits has been very enjoyable.

Week 5 was a washout when a huge snow storm moved into my area and all but shut down everything for 24 hours.  Week 6 another storm was rolling in but we were able to get late morning session in before the weather turned too bad.  Week 6 was a mother and daughter session. I really enjoyed photographing the two of them, it was easy to see the tight bond between the two of them.  I explained that I had missed week 5's session due to the weather and the daughter was more than happy to pose for a photo so I could fill the missed spot.

The person I had booked for week 5 has rebooked her date and I can't wait to create her portrait and share it with all of you.

This has been by far the most enjoyable project that I have ever started.  I have really enjoyed meeting and photographing some new people and look forward to the weeks to come.  If you are interested in being part of this project please read the project 52 blog by clicking this link , and contact me to book your spot.

Till next time.
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

I need your help.

As 2014 comes to a close I am looking ahead to 2015.  2014 was to date my best year in photography, print sales where at there all time high and so to where my outdoor family portrait sessions.  Before I start this blog I would like to personally thank each and everyone of my 2014 customers and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

As January 1st closely approaches, Many photographers will be starting new personal project assignments.  Well so to am I... No I'm not starting another project 365, although these projects are a great way to build your skills and creative eye for beginners and pro's alike.  I just don't have the time to dedicate to such a project this year.

Starting January 4th 2015 I will be starting a personal project of a different kind.  This year I will be creating a portrait a week for the entire year.  And this is where you come in,  I would like to create portraits with as many different people as I can this year.  I am looking to prebook as many people as I can for the entire year for this project.

Each Sunday, I would meet the participant at a predetermined location to create that week's image.  Each participant will receive up to 5 edited royalty free images from the session, delivered to them free of charge attached to an email within a couple of days of the session.  The session would take place in or close to my home town and would last approximitly 30 minutes.

After reviewing and editing my favorite images from the day's session I will then post the photo on my Facebook Group page in a new album dedicated to this project  Also  I will write a new blog post where I discuss the image and what went into the making of that week's portrait.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping with my 2015 photo project please contact me and reserve your date.  Like I said I am interested in booking as many dates for this project as I can in advance.

Again, I would like to thank each and everyone of you, my readers, followers, friends, family and last but not least my customers for making 2014 my best year yet.  We here at Ken Hopkins Photography would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2015.

Please Note:
-This event is open to men and women of all ages, however if you are under 18 years of age you MUST be accompanied by an adult.
- All participants will be asked to sign a release form 
- This event is open to individual portraits only. If you are interested in family portraits please contact me for rates and times.

Till next time...
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gear Talk Video.

In response to some questions I have been getting about the gear I am using to create my video's I have decide to create another new series of videos strictly dedicated to my gear. I have named this new series " Gear Talk " Once a week I will be uploading a new video outlining one piece of gear that I am using to create my video's, my still images and the gear that I use on my backpacking trips into the back country to create the landscape images that I am looking for.

Gear Talk will be posted on my YouTube channel once a week, every Friday morning at 9am. I hope you all enjoy my new video series. If you have any questions or comments please send them my way.

If you like this video, please check out my YouTube page for more of my videos.. And Subscribe so you don't miss anything I will be posting in the upcoming weeks. 

Till next time.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Behind the Image Episod #001... The Old Pier.

Episode #1 of my new photography video series titled behind the image and been uploaded to YouTube. Did you see it?  What did you think?

Episode #1 is the second video in this series and I am finding that making the videos is very enjoyable.  Although working with the audio recording equipment is a whole new set of skills I am working on learning,  so far I seem to be figuring it out and getting the hang of it.

I decided to dedicate this episode to one of my favorite photos from 2014.  It was created on a short family vacation in mid September,  on the first night at camp we where sitting around the camp first and my dad informed me that the old pier that jets way out into the bay had been removed earlier in the year because it received some major damage over the winter and could not be repaired and the only thing that was left was the large wooden posts sticking out of the water.

Right away a vision popped into my head and I began making plans of how I was going to photograph it.  Knowing that the sun sets on the other side of the Bay, my mind was running wild with ideas of how to create the image.  The whole idea revolved around a long exposure to smooth out the waves and have the sunset as the background. And the same time using the old support posts to create some interesting lines leading the viewer to the sunset.

Knowing that we only had 3 nights here before we have to return home and the sun had already set on the fist night. I was determined to get the image I was after on the 2nd night but that didn't pan out. The 2nd night came and went with out any luck. The sky was completely covered with clouds and I was just not feeling it. 

Night number 3. Our last night at camp was much the same a the 2nd night and I had almost given up on creating the photo I was after. I had over planned this photo and anything less than what I had planned was not what I was after.  At the last minute I walked over to the pier with my dad and started to investigate possible locations to set up my shot, and created the photo you see above.  No its not exactly what I was after but I think it turned out good.  The best part of their photo is the fact that I was able to create it with my father,  but to learn what this is all about you will have to watch the video.

Over-planning this image almost lead to not capturing any image at all. This is the main reason why I try not to put too much thought into photos before I head out to create them. Over-planning the image and having to much of an idea of what the end result will be just leads me to disappointment most times.  Having the basic idea in my mind of what I am after and only the basic idea has lead me to capturing many great photos. If you are just starting out don't fall into the over-planning trap.

Thanks for watching my latest video and reading this blog. I hope you all enjoy my new video series and find them entertaining along with educational.  If you have any questions or comments please fell free to post them know the comment section. On the video or this blog. You can also email me at

Till next time.
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